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The Ultimate Guide to the Next Big Wave in Mobile: The Home Screen

Valued at $16 billion per square-inch, the mobile home screen represents the most valuable real estate in the world. That's why companies like Facebook, Samsung, and Google are making a play for the most-viewed mobile screen.

This report, produced in partnership bewteen Mobile Posse and Phoenix Marketing International, provides the first-ever in-depth research of the mobile home screen. Along with primary research from both Phoenix Marketing International and Mobile Posse, the report organizes existing and custom home screen-specific research from Nielsen, Arbitron Mobile, Lumi Mobile, and more into one comprehensive report.

Questions answered in the report include:

  • What is the mobile home screen opportunity?
  • Who's moving in on the home screen today?
  • How much time do consumers spend on the home screen?
  • Why do consumers spend so much time there? What are they doing?
  • Which verticals have the most to gain from a home screen presence?

For answers to these questions and more, download The Ultimate Guide to the Next Big Wave in Mobile: the Home Screen now!

Ultimate Guide to the Home Screen


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